Stump Grinding Service

Our stump grinding specialists are able to remove stumps of all sizes quickly and cleanly. Tree stumps can be difficult to remove.  They can be difficult to mow around and can also attract fungi and other pests that may spread to surrounding trees. Grinding stumps can be the best option for removing stumps and avoiding future problems.

Stump grinding is the most effective method for dealing with unwanted stumps.  This stump removal technique puts an end to waiting years for the unsightly stump to rot, wasting money on stump rotting agents that don’t work, or mowing around the offending stump forever.Grinding a stump is more tolerable to the rest of your landscape than excavation and the remaining wood can be left to use as valuable mulch. 

Stump grinding removes all evidence that there was ever a tree in the spot. The stump is ground off below surface level so that in most cases you can plant in or near the stump ground area immediately

Benefits of Stump Grinding

There are numerous benefits of stump grinding including,

  • no hole to fill in with new topsoil
  • no heavy wood or root to haul away
  • re-landscaping with ease
  • mowing and maintaining your landscape is easier
  • save your yard from damages related to digging or burning the stump
  • avoid pest and fungus problems associated with decaying stumps
  • remove large root balls that are virtually impossible to get rid of with other methods