Girdling roots are a leading cause of tree decline.

The root collar of a tree is the area where the trunk meets the roots at the surface of the soil. The health of the root collar is critical to the overall stability and long term survival of a tree. Substandard nursery stock and poor planting practices can lead to a circling or girdling root system. When roots girdle the root collar can lead to decline and even death of the tree. This condition is also a leading cause of trees becoming unstable in storms. 

Root collar excavation and repair can solve girdling root problems and save your tree!

Root collars can be safely excavated using a specialty arborist Air-Spade that allows digging with air to avoid damage to sensitive root systems. Once the root collar is excavated girdling roots can be surgically removed to alleviate restriction in the root flare. This common problem often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Our ISA Certified Arborists can help you diagnose if your tree has girdling roots  and provide a plan to repair any damaged areas in your trees root zone.

Large indention where a girdling root was removed. This tree was showing signs of stress prior to the root collar excavation.