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One of our ISA Certified Tree Climber Specialist hard at work on a tree removal in the Houston River Oaks area

Tree removal is dangerous business best left to professionals.

Tree Removal done safely requires specialized equipment, years of training in advanced rigging techniques and well coordinated team and lots of insurance to protect everyone involved. Texas Tree Team has completed thousands of professional tree removals around the Houston area and we know what it takes to get the job done right. 

Reasons why you might need tree a tree removal service.

While we’d rather help you keep your trees healthy and thriving, we understand that sometimes tree removal is necessary. There are a number of reasons clients decide to have us complete a tree removal project on their property, for example:

  • Removal of a tree that poses a risk to your home or property.
  • Removal of a tree that is mature and beginning to drop limbs.
  • Removal of a tree with decay or disease.
  • Removal of trees in crowded areas causing plants and grass below to die from lack of sunlight. 
  • Removal of a tree that is causing mess and debris to ruin your driveway and stop up your gutters.
  • Removal of a tree that is in a poor location or in the way of new construction
  • Removal of a tree that is causing damage to your foundation or plumbing. 
If any of these situations are occurring with the trees on your property, call Texas Tree Team for our comprehensive tree removal services. Our skilled and safety-minded professionals will take all precautions to remove your tree properly and safely. We are insured and bonded for your protection and ours. We have all of the best equipment and experienced tree climbers on staff to ensure everything is done the right way from start to finish.

Our team of tree removal experts are here to help.

Before you consider tree removal as a last resort it is worth a second look by our certified arborists. In some cases trees that show signs of stress can be saved and do not always require removal. In a short consultation our arborists can help you determine if your tree requires removal and provide you with an estimate if needed. Our team is highly trained in the most recent ANSI Z133 safety standards for tree care operations and can perform tree removal at your property quickly and safely. We will provide you proof of our tree removal training with references to tree removal services provided in your area. Furthermore, we will provide you with proof of our insurance policies that provide specific coverage for tree removal services which is something that many tree services in Houston cannot offer.

Tree Removal Service Team in Houston
One of our tree removal teams after completing a large hazardous tree removal in Houston Memorial Area.
Tree removal service after debris haul off and clean up.

Safe, efficient tree removal service with cleanup to match

We treat your property as if it is our own and are diligent about cleaning all tree debris from the area after a tree removal. Our tree removal, stump grinding and our workmanship are just part the reasons you should have Texas Tree Team complete your project.

Have Texas Tree Team come out for an estimate on your tree removal project. We offer affordable and thorough tree removal, tree trimming and tree care services to clients all over the Houston area!

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